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be the coolest person around.. literally

Grab a fun and refreshing Italian ice dessert!

LIfe is too short to get stuck with a dessert you dont love.

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Don't ruin your fun plans by getting stuck in a shaved ice line or weighing down your belly with a big bowl of ice cream.

Finally a Dessert the whole family can enjoy!

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Gluten free




Bright & colorful



we know how it feels to be stuck with a dessert that makes you sad

That is why we have been creating happy delicious treats for people, young and old, since 2005. Long before the name Yummy Ice, and across several food industries. Our team knows what makes a great experience. An experience that will leave you with a smile!

Enjoy yummy ice in a variety

of fruit flavors.
available in three different sizes

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Prefer a snack you can sip?

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cotton candy anyone?


Cotton Candy

The 3 step plan to happiness

1. Select "Find us" for updates, awesome deals and join our insta family

2. Walk or drive up to our truck window to pick a Yummy Ice flavor

3. Enjoy your Yummy Ice as you drive off into the sunset!


At Yummy Ice we know that on a hot summer day, you want to be Cool and Refreshed. In order to do that, you need a fast, fun, light Dessert . Something you can enjoy solo, with your main squeeze or the whole family. The problem is you only have the choice between Bland Shaved Ice or Heavy Ice Cream that can weigh down your belly, which makes you feel stuck. We believe Life is too short to get stuck with a dessert that makes you sad. We know how it feels to be stuck in line for a dessert that doesn't really hit the spot. Which is why we have commited to creating fun delicious treats for people, young and old!  Our goal is to give you an experience that will leave you with a smile! So.. see where we will be next!


Stop being let down by lame desserts and instead have a Yummy one!

The Cause

We are proud to announce. For every Yummy Ice purchased in 2023, a donation will be made to "Operation Underground Railroad".

Operation Underground Railroad's Mission:

"To shine a light worldwide on the global issue of child sex trafficking and exploitation, and in so doing resue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. We place survivors on a path of recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers."

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